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Baby Hazel Spring Time

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앱 설명

Spring time is here! See what happens when Hazel & friends meets for a play date.
It’s SPRING TIME! A season filled with joy and happiness. Colorful flowers blossoms with adorable butterflies flying everywhere! Let’s join Hazel and her friends to enjoy season’s fun. Hey! But don’t forget to help mom in completing chores as season change means a lot of household work. Have fun!!!
Mom welcomes the season by cleaning the house. Let’s join Hazel and be a helping hand to mom. Spend a fabulous time with Hazel by helping her in making spring season crafts. Hazel invites her friends at her home to enjoy fun activities. Let’s see what Hazel and friends are up to this spring season!!!Be with kids and keep them safe while they play. Enjoy spring time fun with Hazel!
• Colorful spring activities designed especially for your kids in this game
• Help Hazel and mom in cleaning the house
• Revamp the wardrobe with cool summer collection
• Get awesome ideas for crafting creative spring time crafts
• Go to garden to enjoy lovely weather
• So cute!!! Catch a glimpse of colorful rainbow
• Get a little naughty with Hazel and friends in garden and enjoy mischievous activities
• Splash water on each other and chase butterflies
• Enjoy spring time special tasty treats prepared by mom
Filled with fantastic activities, the game will keep your kid entertained throughout. Play now!!!

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