911 Rescue Simulator 2 : City Emergency

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앱 설명

911 Rescue Simulator is back for Part 2! This time, your emergency scenarios are in the city, not the highway. Race to the scene in your police car to investigate the accident or crime scenario. Once there, you access the scene and decide what to do. Do you send the Ambulance? Maybe the Firetruck? Garbage Truck? Perhaps all you need to do in call the local Taxi service. When you choose correctly, you will advance to the next level. Choose wrong and you will find yourself back behind a desk doing paperwork. Think the same way a 911 first responder would think to solve the scenario.
Top Game Feature:
--Race to the scene of an accident in your police car
--Decide on the best rescue action to take
--Drive an Ambulance, Firetruck, School Bus, Backup Police car, Taxi or Garbage Truck to the scene
--Exciting gameplay with awesome 3D graphics
--12 Missions to Complete
--Real Radio Chatter
--Realistic accident scénarios
Note: This app performs best on more powerful devices. If you are having trouble loading the game, restart your device before starting this game.
This game contains 2 different weather settings. The Blue Sky city, and the city during a severe rain storm. All with super fun 3D graphics and game play. Think like a 911 first responder to help solve the situation.
Enjoy playing!

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