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Crazy Taxi Driver Mania 3D

퍼블리셔: 3Dee Space
가격: Free

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앱 설명

**Experience the ultimate excitement of a taxi driver (car drift, stunts, driving) in a big city**
Driving a city taxi in a big city is a tough job. It’s a city where passengers mostly depend upon the public transport (buses, trucks) to reach their destination. There’s going to be a lot of passenger load so you have to be an in time taxi driver driving and manipulating with stunts, drifts and sharp turns. Make your taxi car run across the city to pick and drop passengers and earn cash to upgrade your crazy taxi in this extreme taxi simulator game mania.
The game is totally based in a metropolitan city where due to the traffic (cars, buses, trucks) rush people prefer taking cabs. A quick taxi car run to work is an easy solution in this city. Unlike other taxi simulator games mania where you are to simply pick and drop passengers in a city taxi, in this taxi simulator game you are required to drop of multiple passengers on at a time to complete one level and make your taxi run, with drifts and stunts, go successful and be an expert taxi driver of this town.
It is not one of those taxi simulator game driving where all you do is rush your crazy taxi across city to drop passenger and it goes on and on. With the currency you earn you can make upgrades to your taxi every time or you can buy time and fuel so in other words it is a real world crazy taxi mania experience.
Your taxi run starts in.. 3..2..1
It’s a MUST HAVE game for all the crazy taxi freaks out there. If you liked this taxi driver game do check out our other simulation police car simulator, tank attack war, navy helicopter gunship, real train simulator collection at:
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