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Dice an Conquer (Risk Wars)

퍼블리셔: Bernd Ott
가격: Free

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앱 설명

Dice and Conquer is a turn-based strategy game. Roll your dices to conquer the world! Play against up to 5 opponents (human and / or different skilled computers.
General Rules:
Start of the game
The game starts with the players being allocated a random territories across the globe.
Each run consists of 3 different phases (place, attack and move).
Place troops
Dependent on the number of countries you own and continents you have occupied, you get bonus armies.
Number of bonus armies is calculated by dividing the number of countries you own through 3.
Despite of the result you will always get a minimum of 3 armies
If you own a continent you get bonus armies for the continent.
Bonus armies can be place only on a land you own.
Bonus armies for continents must be placed on country of the continent.
Bonus cards can be changed in the Place phase only. You need 3 different or equal cards to change.
Depending on the time of change you receive additional bonus armies for the change.
You can collect up to 5 cards. If you have 5 cards at the beginning of the turn you must change otherwise you will
receive no additional cards.
To place armies simple tap on the country you wanted the troops to get placed.
Attack enemies
Only direct neighbor countries can be attacked.
You need at least 2 armies to attack.
If you have more then 2 armies on your country you can select how many armies are involved in the attack
(Maximum up to 3 armies).
In the case of success, the minimum armies to be moved to the defeated country is the number of armies involved in the attack.
You can decide before the attack if you want to move all armies to the conquered country if you succeed
A minimum of 1 army has to stay in each country.
If you have conquered at least 1 country you automatically get a bonus card at the end of your turn.
To attack a country tap on the country the attack should be started from, then tap on the country being attacked.
Move your armies
Armies can be moved to any controlled territory if it has contiguity between it and its destination.
A minimum of 1 army has to stay in each country
To move armies from one country to another tap on the country where the armies should be removed then tap on the country the armies should be placed.
End of the game
The game ends if a player has conquered the whole world.
Have fun!

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