Laser Simulator 2016

퍼블리셔: Tin Fox Group
가격: 50.00 USD

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앱 설명

Try a powerful color laser!
Meet explosive fun! This new generation of lasers! Crazy color laser in the game Laser Pointer 2016. At any time you can turn the laser on its maiden and impress all your friends!
Try 5 bright colors super laser, vibration and sound. Now you will be the most prominent guest of any party or meeting. Lightsaber fight with your friends! Or frighten the teacher powerful laser pointer! She thinks that her sniper attacks from unknown or UFOs. Just PUSH on the colors and some fun as it should!
With the new lasers, you can play with the cat. Fluffy fat man to remember his youth and jumping the laser beam! Do not regret it, the light on the floor and walls, even jump!
You can create a 1000 application with a steep jokes Laser Pointer 2016! Have fun right now. In addition, the laser is safe for your eyes!
- 5 vibrant colors to choose from;
- Works with or without vibration mode;
- Funny sound;
- Suitable for Android;
- Acceptable level of power;
- Safe for eyes and airplanes.

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