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Airport Crash Rescue Simulator 3D

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앱 설명

"Mayday, Mayday" - the pilot shouts over the radio. "We're coming in hot . . we've lost hydraulic controls . . we can't hold, we can't hold" As emergency manager, its your worst nightmare. This is not a drill. The plane crashes down on the runway into a huge ball of flame. You immediately go out to asses the damage and check for any survivors. Race to the scene, avoid the other cars, trucks, and planes on the runway.
Now you must put out the fire before it spreads across the airport. Send out the Firetruck and put out the fire. Race out with the ambulance to assist the survivors.
You might get a call about some suspicious characters running around the airport fence. Send out the police to catch them. Some passengers need to get on their flight and the doors have closed. Drive the car with the stairs to help them get on the plane. 12 Different Challenges in total.
REAL WORKING AIRPORT - Watch out for the planes during takeoff and landing!
Top Game Feature:
--Super fun cut scenes will be shown before certain missions.
--Realistic Airport Emergency Scenarios
--Race to the scene the big crash in your rescue car
--You must choose the best rescue action to take
--Drive an Ambulance, Firetruck, Tow Truck, or Backup Police Car, to the plane crash or fire
--Awesome 3D graphics and fun game play
--12 Missions to Complete
--Real Radio Chatter
--Everything you would expect from good driving or 3D racing simulator
If you are looking for a high quality 911 rescue simulator game, look no further.
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