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앱 설명

Apps 2 Wear will allow you to Install / Sideload ANY regular installable Android APK on your Android Wear SmartWatch without the need of a pc, cables or shell commands knowledge !
ROOT is needed on phone but not wear device
Rooted Phone running Android 4.4 or later
Android Wear Smartwatch - Doesn't have to be rooted (such as Moto360 , LG G Watch, Zen Watch ...)
Android Wear Companion App installed on your phone
Gear 2 and Gear S are NOT Android Wear devices, so please don't complain if the app doesn't work on them.
Please note that apps that need Internet / GPS connection, need a large User Interface or has an action bar will install successfully but it might not function properly or might even Force Close.
Therefore if you believe that all apps will work well do not download this app.
Furthermore apk transfer might be slow.
If you face any issues with this app don't hesitate to contact me.
Reviews and feature requests are welcomed

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