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Horse Riding Adventure

퍼블리셔: SoftianZ
가격: Free

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앱 설명

Horse Riding Adventure brings you the best Horse riding & Horse racing experience in 2015 with amazing 3D graphics, realistic smooth game play, cool 3D animations with full of challenges yet easy to play for peoples of any ages including kids, boys, girls and adults. Horse riding adventure is one of the best horse games of 2015 so download one of top horse racing game FREE from Android store and enjoy horse adventure travel journey while riding through the beautiful 3D dense jungle environment. If you love animal games especially Horse games then you must download Horse Riding adventure and enjoy horse riding, horse jump, horse travel at one place. Horse in an amazing animal that is full of power but you can control the horse as you want with your love & care so take care for your jungle horse by feeding and treating it carefully as it’s not from a Horses farm. Build a bond together look after your horse. Hop on the horse saddle & start the adventure of horse race but be careful & don’t get your feet get stuck in saddle
Horse riding adventure is one of the best horse jumping game. Avoid the obstacles & hurdles along your way by switching the lanes/path or by jumping horse above the obstacles. Time your jumps properly otherwise your horse might collide with the hurdles & fall down. Collect grass along your way to feed your horses.
Download Now to Get Horse Riding Adventure for FREE with complete features
- Avoid Obstacles & hurdles
- Tap on "screen" to switch lanes of horses.
- Tap on "jump button" to jump over the hurdles.
- Remember to time your jumps properly otherwise you will fall down.
- Collect Grass to increase your multiplier.
- Get score by jumping over the hurdles & each type of hurdle has different sets of points.
- Collect grass to increase your multiplier. Don't lose any grass behind as it would reset your multiplier to 1x.
If you love to ride horses, download Horse riding adventure for free and get the ultimate horse riding experience.

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