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가격: Free

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앱 설명

Test the limits of your brain power!
One-Stroke is a game that most people have played at least once.
The rules are simple, but the game is deep. You have to use your head!
directional game,Simple puzzle game.
How to play One-Stroke:
Playing One-Stroke is very easy!
You have to pass through all the lines, but you can't go through the same line twice.
We have a rich variety of stages!
Lines with arrows, that you have to pass through going a certain direction!
Lines with numbers, that you have to pass through in a certain turn.
Level Qualification Mode(Dan Mode):
Try to clear 5 randomly generated problems within 5 minute each.
If you can do this, you can level up!
It's a mode that you can play over and over, whenever you have time.
Completely free:
If you are completely stumped, there are also hints and answer guides available.
Of course, everything is completely free.
At present, there are 100 problems. You can play until 2nd Dan level.

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