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London Train Driver 3D

퍼블리셔: Amazing 3D Games
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 9.99 USD

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앱 설명

Feel like a real machinist with this train driving simulator in 3D! Become a part of London public transportation system carrying passengers to their destinations. What’s the fastest way to get from the metropolis to another edge of a city? By train, of course! Be a train machinist, explore London railway with its dangerous stretches and underground tunnels, stop at each railway station and don’t forget to open wagon doors to let passengers in! They might be too slow sometimes, carrying their luggage bags and other bulky cargo. Then every passenger are inside the train wagon speed your train up to comply with railway schedule! Do you like subway and metro games? Try London Train Driver 3D – great driving simulator for all ages!
Carry passengers from one railway station to another and earn money to upgrade your train! Fast engines, modern control panels, comfortable sits in wagons and even more upgrades made by the best railway engineers! Explore underground tunnels transporting passengers and try to avoid crashes! Follow the semaphores and speed limits to avoid human casualties or train damage! High driving level will let you become the best railway machinist in whole London! Upgrade your train by the most advanced engineer’s researches to transport more cargo and passengers. Enjoy London Train Driver 3D – amazing simulator made for all railway, subway and metro lovers.
Join British public transportation system as a train machinist with our new railway simulator in 3D!
London Train Driver 3D features:
- Highly detailed London train to drive - driver's cab with a control panel, comfortable wagons and even more
- Difficult railway routs with dangerous stretches, underground tunnels, semaphores and strict speed limits
- Ultimate train driving experience
- Advanced engineer’s researches to upgrade your train
- Amazing 3D graphics
Explore London railway today! Passengers with huge luggage bags are waiting for your train at the stations! Carry them to their destination points to earn money and upgrade driving skills! Prove your worth as an omnibus train machinist with this 3D simulator and enjoy amazing views right from the driver’s cab window! It’s not like playing toy railway or subway games! Gain ultimate driving experience with London Train Driver 3D simulator!

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