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Ipnosi Regressiva

퍼블리셔: K-apps
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가격: 1.15 USD

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앱 설명

The operation of regressive hypnosis is based on listening to their voice that guides us in hypnosis, then we recommend the use of headphones, and to be effective it should lie down on your back (on the bed or wherever you want) and do not stop practice until completion or to a mental first goal. The most important aspect to be able to undertake a journey of regressive hypnosis, is total relaxation of the body; We will have to abandon completely, and be guided by voice confident, fearless, trying to empty ourselves from the stress and all the thoughts, this is crucial for the success of hypnosis. anyway, beginning dellascolto, the voice also helps us in this, trying to make us relax before the trip itself. So if you want to try to relive your past lives and maybe discover your alter ego in a previous life, now you can too with Android!

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