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AirPlay Mirroring Receiver

퍼블리셔: 李俊
가격: 8.00 USD

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앱 설명

The World's First iOS11 Receiver! Support the latest Youtube AirPlay streaming! AirPlay Mirroring Receiver APP is an AirPlay Mirroring receiver that allows you to wirelessly display your iPhone/iPad /Macbook or Windows PC on your Android Device. Mirror your device on a big screen without wires or complicated setups. Play games,Demo apps or Present on the big screen from your iPhone /iPad /Macbook or Windows PC.It's special suitable for Android TV/Box. It's the only one android app supporting Airplay Mirroring.
- Fully support iOS6/7/8/9/10/11 AirPlay streaming and mirroring
- Support Youtube AirPlay streaming
- Mirror iOS screen to Android phones, tablets, and FireTV via AirPlay
- Share media like Youtube video on iOS to Android
- Showcase apps/games on iOS on Android
- Support audio sync with other AirExpress devices. You can archive this by tuning audio latency.
- Compatibility with AirParrot/AirParrot,you can use AirParrot mirror your PC screen on your Android Device
- Run in the background as a service
- Configurable network name
- The first AirPlay application supporting Google TV.
- Beam your iPad or iPhone screen to HDMI or VGA projector, smartboard or HDTV via a Android TV/Box
- Take your iOS games to the big screen
1. Please turn off or uninstall other AirPlay application like iOS11 Receiver on your phone because AirPlay use some hardcode tcp port.

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