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Baby Hazel Pet Hospital

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앱 설명

Treating pet patients is an amazing fun! Be a vet and treat ailments of cute little pets to make them healthy again.
Injured patients are waiting for you at hospital. They need doctor’s help right now!
Baby Hazel and her friends have come to the hospital for medical treatment of their injured pets. Use your skills to diagnose the ailment and give best medical treatment to pet patients. Make sure all little pets get well soon and can play again!
Game features:
* Enjoy merry-go-round ride with Baby Hazel and her friends
* Pets are fighting! Help kids to relax them
* Rush to pet hospital as pets needs urgent medical attention
* Clean the wound of rabbit and choose a funky plaster to cover it
* Carefully apply cast on fractured leg of bird
* Bring cute smile on cat’s face by giving her proper dental care
* Give a gentle bubbly bath to hairy puppy….he is too messy
* Choose the right food for each animal to make them happy during medical treatment
Enjoy the experience of being a pet doctor in this fun-filled Baby Hazel Pet Hospital game. Play now!!!

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