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ZDFtivi-App - videos for kids

퍼블리셔: ZDF - German TV
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: Free

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앱 설명

Free download available: ZDFtivi videos for Children.
ZDFtivi-app provides videos for children of several German public television programs (ZDFtivi and KiKA). Kids can watch their favorite television program on demand whenever they want.
In the 7-day-catch up or in the A-Z category you can find a wide range of our program. Classcis like Löwenzahn, 1, 2 oder 3, logo! and PUR+ or also our successful series like Mako Mermaids and Bibi Blocksberg can be found here. We also offer fairytales and kids movies for the whole family.
Out of the big on-demand-content kids can assort their own playlist by tipping on the “+”-icon, located on each video-teaser. Furthermore they can subscribe to a chosen program and get the newest videos of the program in their personalized area “Mein ZDFtivi”. Using the Login kids will find their playlist und subscribed programs on all the devices they use.
The ZDFtivi-app is free of charge and without any advertising, and therefore a safe and protected setting for kids. If you don't have a mobile contract with unlimited data usage, we recommend using the app with a WiFi connection.

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