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퍼블리셔: CreatorsPrime
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앱 설명

★ Moe RPG !! that × RPG ★ girl help the girl
Original girl RPG "Made Quest" which is your favorite of the very popular in Garake is,
Of high-quality Moe illustrations recording, it is the emergence as the original version!
[Game introduction]
And attempts to locate the maid who went missing by the butler of the conspiracy!
To defeat the boss character, if rescue the maid,
Beautiful reward illustrations appeared, it will be a collection in the gallery.
I wonder if you all help Daseru?
Because, also at any time you can save function are equipped,
Moe and I picture you want to see RPG You can feel free to play even better that weak.
Raise the level, Moe opened the event!
Features of high-quality version]
And high-resolution illustrations were adopted, HD quality.
★ of high resolution smartphone unique, "ultra-beautiful image quality" is achieved!
's Clearly up to illustrations of touch painter, you can enjoy clear.
★ extent of its ability, it is plain to see the screen shot!
Such as the status image of the event illustrations and Moe characters in └ game,
All the illustrations part is the deluxe edition with a high-quality material!

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