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앱 설명

hat, and full application of the "Goldfish"!
A person that does not change the goldfish in Ouchi I do not worry!
■ About this application
This application is one that was Sumahogemu of the "Goldfish" is a tradition of summer.
Use a tool called poi, let's aim to high scores and scooped a lot of goldfish!
■ How to Play
Poi will sink when you tap the screen.
Move the POI directly to the bottom of the goldfish, it will be able to save the goldfish when you release it.
In animals the number and type of goldfish that is scooped, the score is calculated.
■ Tips
When the top of the screen gauge is eliminated, poi is will be torn.
Pop-eyed goldfish can you get the point than many normal goldfish, but please note that you will hear a lot consumption of the minute gauge.
In addition, since it becomes a poi consuming nature and gauge when wearing in the water, let's rake quickly goldfish Once sunk poi!
■ Other
Regarding the bug report, we request that you contact by e-mail rather than a review.

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