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Hair Salon

퍼블리셔: Girls Apps
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 10.00 USD

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앱 설명

The prom is coming and on this day every girl wants to be the most beautiful and elegant at the party. Today you are in charge of girls' holiday hairdo preparations and you got all necessary instruments and tools to turn the ugly duckling into the beautiful swan. Equip yourself with various combs, hair-dyes, shampoos, hair-curlers, scissors, hats and ribbons to create the unique hair cut which will bring about the public admiration and respect! Meet the shy girl who really needs your help and who needs a touch of a master! Play the Hair Salon game - play with your imagination!
How to Play?
Prepare your customer for her prom party! You are to do several things before she becomes beautiful:
- WASH her hair and select the hairdo you like! Long, short or medium length? - It's up to you!
- COMB her clean hair to make your further work easier!
- DYE her hair! What is your favorite color? Try it on your customer and edit it as you like!
- Dont' forget about a blowDRYer!
- Complete your look with adding various DECORATIONS: hats, ribbons, glasses.
Try yourself in Hair Salon, make crazy or sweet looks for the prom party!

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