Barbados Offline Map

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앱 설명

Mad Map presents you Barbados offline map.
Download and carry highly detailed, fully offline map of Barbados on your device. It is reliable and perfect travel tool.
Our app is your best travel friend which helps you to navigate easily in unknown countries and cities. It's offline and it's simple - just start the app and locate yourself on the map.
Find nearby restaurants, hotels and which attractions to visit next. And of course it works completely without roaming and is fully offline.
- It is simple and easy to use.
- It is offline map.
- It displas your position on the map and your current orientation.
- It rotates the map according to compass and direction.
- It let's you save your favorite palces.
- It display points of interest on the map when you search them.
- It can display place names in any language!
Mad Map Barbados offline map gives you some advantages:
Offline search let's you find streets, attractions, restaurants, hotels, local nightlife and other POIs.
The app is perfect companion for your travel. It includes thousands of places and attractions, points of interest and lots of hotels.
Search by name, category or find places of interest offline and without data connection.
Map dat is stored on your device for offline usage. All features work offline.
All maps are constantly updated by us. You will get free updates when they are available.
No matter where you travel USA, Europe, Japan, Australia or in your home country, with Mad Map Barbados offline map app and you will forget about paper map.
Mad Map Barbados Offline Map App (c).

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