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VR Roller Coaster Balloon Blast

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앱 설명

After our extraordinary and fabulous booming game at tulip apps! Crazy roller coaster! We are delighted to instigate Roller Coaster Balloon Blast. If you were probing for an insanity! Breathtaking yet attention-grabbing roller coaster game adventure! With the super aerobatics and two modes single mode and dual mode makes the game perfect. Then the immersive and stimulative hunt is over! Sense and experience a marvelous thrilling ride over the milieu of amusement park by blasting balloons and fulfilling circumstances in game play to pass 9 challenging levels. The exhilarating surroundings of the game encompass jaw dropping, sky scrapping peaks, terrific drops and gut wrenching precarious curves. A thrilling fantastic assortment of strategic planning, aerobatics and simulation with miraculous and marvelous balloon bang on tapping.
Select your desired Mode from Mode Selection Menu.
Single View:
Tap on balloon to pop up.
Tap and Swipe on screen to rotate.
Read objective and tips of each level carefully.
Dual View:
You must have gyro sensor in your android device.
Insert and align your device into VR headset like 4DUD VR Glasses.
Use revolving chair or stand in open place.
Rotate your head to set the aim.

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