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Hidden Object games free : Detective Story

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앱 설명

You are supposed to be a perfect observer inside the game where you will come to solve Hidden Puzzles in many places like jungle, Dark Room, Beach, Dark night and many more unpredicted scenes.

The real interesting hidden objects game levels with various unsolved mysteries to play with and to become a real detective of the unresolved hidden object puzzles.
This is one of best free games for kids. This is not only kids games but also suitable for all ages and it is easy to pass your free time with this free hidden object games.
You might wonder detective story contains stunning themes pack and graphics as well. You will enjoy finding object experience with detective story.
Just concentrate on the scene and on object to be found out. Tap on the correct object and complete the levels. Tap hint button if level seems hard to you!
- Look carefully on screen and try to find object in the list.
- Touch the object faster for more stars.
- Use hints to help you when got stuck
- Non-repeating hidden object scenes
- Unique game design and sound
- Hours of game play

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