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My Virtual Girlfriend - Deluxe Dating Sim

퍼블리셔: Wet Productions Inc
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 0.99 USD

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앱 설명

Now you can experience what it's like to have your own virtual girlfriend!
Mentioned on MSNBC, and Kotaku, Discover and Lopez Tonight
+++++ APP REVIEWS! +++++ = 5/5 = 5/5
IOSappspy = 4.6/5
My Virtual Girlfriend is a fun and flirty dating simulation game where your objective is to get your virtual date to fall in love with you.
There are thousands of beautiful girls to choose from with unique personalities and appearances. You are certain to find one that suitable for you.
What can i do with her?
Listen to her silly jokes. Respond to her comments through emotes. Get to know her likes and dislikes. There are actions you can do like giving her a compliment, telling a joke, or just give her a kiss and watch her reaction. You can go on activities like mini golf, a dinner date or a walk in the park. Offer her gifts like a new bikini, lingerie, crazy costumes and she will even wear them for you. She responds to your touch too- but watch where you poke around, she’s ticklish!
Every choice you make has it's rewards or consequences. A heart meter fills up to show when you're doing good and drops down when you make mistakes. If you want to make progress with her- Do things that make her feel good and that will align to her unique personality.
As you progress she will grow to like you more, and become more attached and initmate. Each new level achieved will open up new ways of interacting with her, new actions you can take, activities you can go on and outfits she can wear for you. There are 35+ levels in the game and at the end level- she will fall in love with you, but it doesn't stop there! At the ending level you will be presented with an option to keep her, or you can let her go and start with someone new. The choice is yours!
Download now and start playing today - don't keep her waiting!

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