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Airplane Pilot Flight Simulator 3D

퍼블리셔: Gamerz Studio
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: Free

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앱 설명

Get ready to feel the throttle of a city airplane while it is ready to takeoff, because captain you are the one in charge of this Airplane Pilot Flight SIM 3D game.
We all dream of being a pilot to a Boeing, airbus, Cessna or any passenger plane, and we with this game your city airplane parking and aircraft flying dream comes true. Take the seat of the pilot and ready your crew as we are about to take you to an amazing airplane flight simulator ride.
Imagine plane flying and carrier landing, because that’s what the game is here for. The game will surely make you a master pilot of any plane that you desire, from takeoff to the perfect landing this game offers all. So fulfil your dream of being a pilot of your own infinite flight, and just like driving a car you can master the maneuvers of a passenger plane.
Airplane Pilot Flight SIM 3D is especially for beginner level pilots, Start from being the rookie, beginner airplane pilot and fly your way up through the landing simulator challenges. For your ease the plane simulator game is incorporated with the best plane flying and carrier landing experience, and take charge of your first airplane, where you get to know all about airplane parking, takeoff, flying and landing.

No matter what the challenge is, just take a head start of your infinite flights, take your passengers if you are flying a passenger airplane like Boeing or airbus and fly across the sea, or the skyscrapers and beautiful mountains, but just be confident on your pilot simulator skills. With this landing simulator game you can definitely learn the skills of a professional aeroplane pilot.
Once you learn the basics, then flying in the sky won’t be a big deal! For your ease Airplane Pilot Flight SIM 3D has the best pilot trainers available, learn to handle Boeing, Cessna, or even an f18 air fighter with this plane simulator beauty.

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