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Pix Craft

퍼블리셔: Cup of Coffee Games
가격: Free

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앱 설명

Welcome to Pix Craft!
This is a sandbox building game similar in style to the popular game Minecraft.
You have an infinite world to explore, consisting of mountains, volcanoes, meadows, swamps, beaches and under the sea. Use any number and combination of blocks and other items to create whatever it is you can think of!
There are 13 biomes, over 100 different blocks to use, 47 different items, 19 different block shapes and 24 possible rotations. This means there is a lot for you to choose from!
Fancy unlimited in game coins? Download Pix Craft Premium for FREE from Amazon Underground:
You can open your toolbelt by tapping on the icon to the right of the toolbar. Within your toolbelt you can choose either blocks or items by tapping on the block icon or the flower icon.
You can choose the block shape and rotation by tapping on the block icon in the bottom right of the screen. Here you can choose the shape by tapping on the stair icon or the rotation by tapping on the rotation icon.
When choosing rotations, the green cube side represents the top of the block shape and the red cube side represents the front of the block shape.
The ‘Build’ button will place a block in the selected location.
The ‘Destroy’ button will destroy the selected block.
The ‘Fly Up’ button will make you fly upwards.
The ‘Fly Down’ button will make you fly downwards.
The ‘Menu’ button will open the main menu, allowing you to save your game or create a new map. Please note that creating a new map will overwrite your existing map! You may want to backup your current map before doing this.
When in the menu, you can open the game options. Here you can enable and disable lighting depending on how performance is on your device. You can also recalculate the lighting in case something doesn’t look quite right.
When you move a sufficient distance from a section in your map, it will automatically save for you. Make sure to click the ‘Save’ button before closing the game to keep any recent buildings you have made!
The ‘Jump’ button will make you jump.
When flying, the ‘Jump’ button will turn into two new buttons: ‘Fly Straight’ and ‘Stop Flying’.
The ‘Fly Straight’ button will keep your current height when flying. You can change your height by using the ‘Fly Up’ or ‘Fly Down’ buttons.
When flying straight, the ‘Fly Free’ button will appear. If you click the ‘Fly Free’ button, this will allow you to fly whilst not maintaining your current height.
The ‘Stop Flying’ button will return you to walking mode.
You can use the joystick in the bottom left hand corner of the screen to move.
To look around, simply drag your finger in the right hand side of the screen.
Coming soon:
More block types
More items
Cup of Coffee games would love your feedback!
If you have any suggestions for new block types, game features or bug reports, please email us at:
Don’t forget to leave positive feedback here too!
Thank you for playing Pix Craft!

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