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Candy's Christmas

퍼블리셔: LiBii
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: Free

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앱 설명

Jingle bells
Jingle bells
Jingle all the way...
Yeah, Merry Christmas! It's an important festival in a year, and we usually have lots of things to do. Look, Candy and her family are really busy at home, let's give them a hand: clean the rooms, decorate Christmas trees, make beautiful stockings, light up the fireplace, play holiday songs and so on. Everyone is like a busy bee, tired but happy. And oh, yes, delicious food is a great part of each festival, while gingerbread men, candies and cakes are all very good choices. So you feel tired now? Fireworks might ease your fatigue. Let's go for it!
How to play:
Open the game and click the bubble in the middle to start. Then, a beautiful house comes into sight and everyone is busy preparing for the holiday. First, let's check out in Candy's room: click the buttons at the bottom of the screen one by one and slide left or right to change new furniture for our sweetie. Then, click the arrow and it's time to make stockings, choose your favorite style and click each circle when it comes close. All right, our sweetie has got many clothes to celebrate the New Year, please rotate the disk in the lower right corner and choose what you like for her. Um, if only there is some music. It's absolutely okay. Put the gears on the right-hand side into the music box, and rotate the handle to light up the three notes on the box. That's it, you can enjoy the melodious music now. Wanna express your good wishes to your family? Don't worry, you can always exchange different greeting cards with loving hearts you earned, and send out to your dear ones after DIY. And, are you expecting surprises from Santa Claus? Sleep early tonight!
- Enjoy a selection of funny and exciting mini games
- Send out greeting cards to share a tender moment
- Brand-new fireworks game brings you a new experience
- Enjoy the fun of winter by skiing
- Dress up as Santa Claus and make an impression
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