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Word Wolf

퍼블리셔: Canvas
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: Free

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앱 설명

Everyone is given the same differ only one person for the "theme", "theme"! ?
Popular party game track down the people who were given a different "theme"!
The attempt to find a minority in everyone's debate!
This game is a game of finding the person who was given the answer of the minority.
Majority wins Once Mitsukedase the people of minority.
If you find are not you will win the minority.
1. along the instructions in the app, "you die" is assigned to each player.
2. brainstormed a hint about their own with their own theme if you become a time of discussion.
3. nomination by pointing a finger at once the people who think minority After the time to become.
4. best, nominated by many were people will be the minority.
5. Say Because Once minority has been determined, please answer the alignment by saying his theme.
6. nominated majority wins you were minority people were. It will win the minority if you are different.

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