Speed Boat Racing Tournament

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앱 설명

Join the motor boat racing! Take the challenge and ride powerful hydroplane boat across the sea spaces! Be ready for ultimate water rush and feel the sea breeze upon your face! Jump, whirl and raise your speed and riding skills with Speed Boat Racing Tournament game in 3D!
Feel yourself like a real boat racer! Choose the motor boat, earn coins and improve it or buy a new one! Jump over obstacles, try different springboards to achieve more bonus points and come first to win this boat race!
Try different game modes – become a champion at Tournament mode or do your best playing freeride mode! Control the speed of your boat to avoid accidents and collect stars to get more coins. Use all of your riding skill to become a best racer! Unleash your racing potential with Speed Boat Racing Tournament 3D – amazing hydroplane boat simulator for all racing games’ lovers!
Be ready for great water racing experience! Explore the treks and find all hidden secrets and power-ups. Use your track knowledge to short you way and become the winner of ride! Unlock new treks to improve your driving skills and earn more coins! Improve your motor boat with new investment – it would help you to control your motor boat better or to raise up your boat’s speed!
Become a pro hydroplane boat racer with this unusual 3D driving simulator! Your goal is not to participate in usual car racing challenge, but to prove your worth as a hydroplane boat rider! Love jet ski simulators or boat racing games? Ride speed water motorcycles and feel real extreme taking part in boat driving challenge with Speed Boat Racing Tournament 3D!
Speed Boat Racing Tournament 3D features:
Ultimate water racing simulator – try different game modes and participate in tournaments and contests maneuvering powerful hydroplane boat
Varies types of boat upgrades – raise up your boat’s speed or improve it’s stability on water surface
Realistic physics of jumping and boat controls - keep your balance and don’t let your boat to roll upside down
Great driving simulator for all hydroplane boat riding lover and jet ski games fans
Have you ever dream to ride over the sea waves? Download this app and become a real boat racer just tapping on screen of your device! Become the winner of freeride with Speed Boat Racing Tournament 3D – great water motorcycles game for those who loves speed boat simulators and jet ski games!
Start your turbo boat racer career with Speed Boat Racing Tournament 3D! Ride, jump and whirl to get your riding skills to a new level with this water racing simulator!

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