Cube Stack Tower 3D

퍼블리셔: Amazing 3D Games
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가격: 19.99 USD

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앱 설명

Do you love puzzle games? Or, ever dreamt ‘bout builder’s career? Then, it’s time to make your dream real! Try Cube Stack Tower 3D – great app ‘bout tower building!
Stack up as many blocks, as you can to build the highest tower! Take various colored blocks, and place it above previous blocks just tapping on them – seems simple, isn’t it? But , if you are not able to place the block properly, the size of the block will decrease, making it harder to place the next block. Of course, it gives you a new challenge (and sometimes results look like a real-world skyscrapers), but don’t be discouraged by failings – just stack up another tower, higher than previous!
Build the highest tower that you can by stacking blocks - the higher your tower, the higher your score. Earn points and color your blocks in store, or buy boosters to ease your game and improve your results. Some of them would slow falling of blocks, some would raise your effectiveness – it’s all a pure randomness!
Are you ready to ultimate tower building challenge? Do your best with Cube Stack Tower 3D!
Cube Stack Tower 3D features:
• Easy and intuitive controls
• Different boosters to ease your game and raise effectiveness
• Changeable color and patterns of blocks
Build skyscrapers from colorful blocks and have fun with this funny puzzle game for all ages! Download Cube Stack Tower 3D and let your dreams come to live!

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