Impulse GP

퍼블리셔: EcoTorque Games
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: Free

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앱 설명

Imagine trying to make lightning-quick maneuvers while upside down on a rollercoaster, jetting through gravity-defying tracks filled with massive loops and impossible banks.
* TouchArcade - 4.5/5 stars “Tons of speed, great visuals, and a few clever new tricks to set it apart from the pack.”
* Pocket Gamer “A flipping fast futuristic racer”
* App Advice - Games to Get Your Adrenaline Pumping "A super smooth and fast-paced motorcycle racing game"
- Race to be the best of 15 riders with perfectly timed boosts
- Sharpen your skills in Time Trials, Drag Challenges, Races, and the impossibly fast Pro Race level
- *New* Championship mode is the Ultimate Challenge! A Formula 1 style championship for pro racers
- Play 2 Tracks free.
- The Game Card (one payment IAP) gives you access to the whole game. CONSOLE-QUALITY BIKE RACING - Innovative drift steering gives the precision control of a console analog stick
- Super fluid driving at silky smooth speed ION-THRUST FUTURISTIC BIKES
- Choose from 9 originally designed, cutting-edge bikes powered by advanced ion thrust and electromagnetic technology
- Endless combinations to customize your bike and racing suit's livery colors, pattern, and paint finish (metallic, gloss, frozen, etc.) EXCITING AND CHALLENGING TRACKS
- Navigate through a series of futuristic tracks full of insane rollercoaster-like corkscrews, hills, switchbacks, jumps, twists, tunnels, and turns STELLAR ELECTRONIC MUSIC TO GET YOU IN THE ZONE
- Choose from a selection of edgy electronic mixes by audio master Allan Levy that make the game's adrenaline pumping speed feel that much faster

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