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Silent Screenshot

퍼블리셔: SFApps
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: Free

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앱 설명

Because you can take a screenshot in the silence, there is no need to worry about around.
In addition, you can take a screenshot quickly in a variety of ways.
■Shooting Methods
・Overlay Icon
It can be taken using the overlay icon that displays on the screen.
It can be taken by using proximity sensor, light sensor and orientation sensor.
It can be taken by using notification.
It can be taken by swiping the Home button (long press in Android 6.0 or later).
It can be taken by using the shortcut after creating a shortcut to the home app.
It is necessary to grant of the permission in order to take a screenshot.
Please enable the permission in accordance with the dialog that appears after starting the app.
Following apps may not be able to capture.
Camera, movie and etc.
Some revisions in Android 5.1 have the potential bug in the system. Therefore, "System UI" may crash at the time of shooting.
To avoid this problem, please don't put a check in the "Don't show again" in the dialog that appears at the time of shooting.

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