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Princess Party Salon-Girl Game

퍼블리셔: TNN Game
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: Free

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앱 설명

Princess received the invitation from the prince's party, but she fall down on the way to salon. Oh, dress is dirty, the crystal shoes are also broken, how do we handle this?
Don't worry, fairy waved her magic wand, ritzy spa room, makeup room and dressup room just showed up! Spa first, facial tools lined up on table, now princess's face get clean and smooth! Hair is a mess, eye shadow also disordered, she can't go to salon without makeup, so go makeup now! And princess's hand is still empty, we need a fine purse for salon. Look, there are lots of purse style in the castle, let's make our own purse! Crystal shoes are broken, she can't wear it to salon, let's use magic to fix it, even make it better. Then change the dirty dress in to a brand new and gorgeous one, and the fairy offered some advice to us, follow that she will give us some gifts, we can use these things to decorate the carriage!
The music is on, prince is waiting in the salon, hurry up beautiful princess, go join the grand party!
-Beautiful street of the castles
-Whole sets of spa and facial services
-A lot of makeup tools,several colors for choose
-Shape,stripe and decorate,make the purse you like
-Free collocation from shoes to hair
-New fairy missions,complete to get ritzy carriage
-Decorations of the carriage can be replaced
-Free mode,no limits,makeup the princess you dreamed of
-Take a photo with the handsome prince
-Every thing in this game are free,so just enjoy it
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