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Official DVSA Theory Test Kit

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가격: 6.08 USD

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앱 설명

Join the one million happy drivers and riders and download the Official DVSA Theory Test Kit.
The ONLY OFFICIAL Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) app for the Car Theory and Hazard Perception test – 2019 edition. Written by DVSA – the people who set the tests.
Great value at only £4.99 for this official app - much less than the cost of retaking your test!
The identical iOS version has helped hundreds of thousands of people to pass their theory tests with confidence.
Please note:
1. Before you use the hazard perception video clips you will need to download an additional 325 MB of clips. The app requires a total of 655 MB of free internal storage space. Portable storage such as an SD Card does not count as internal storage.
2. You can choose to download the voiceover separately, which will read out the theory test question and answers for you. This will require additional storage space.

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