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Mnemonica-Stacked Deck

퍼블리셔: Jesús Rojo
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 1.12 USD

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앱 설명

Learn and practise the best magic deck in the universe!
With this deck you can do magic miracles!
Train your favorite Mnemonica Deck
1- Juan Tamariz
2- Simon Aronson
3- Dani DaOrtiz
4- Richard Osterlind

And in the TRIBUTE section:
-Normal deck.
-Eight Kings.
-Si Stebbins.

Train in many differents ways:
TRAIN CARD- NUMBER in two differents ways:
1- With four buttons (three randoms number plus the real position).
2- Typing the position and check if is wright or wrong.

TRAIN NUMBER- CARD in two differents ways:
1- With four buttons with card images(three randoms cards plus the real one).
2- Typing the name of the card and check if is wright or wrong.

half top (1–26) and half bottom (27–56).
1- Halft top (1–13) (14–26)
2- Half bottom (27–39) (39–52).
This training are very useful to arrange the deck very fast.

Choose Training Mode:
1- Full deck
2- Half (1-26)
3- Half (27-52)

You can train to guess the next card in two different ways:
1- With six buttons with card images(five randoms cards plus the real one).
2- Typing the name of the card and check if is wright or wrong.
Train for the Any Card at Any Number magic trick, guess the card on bottom of the deck.
List with the 52 cards of the Mnemonica deck in a nice display
(1, 2 or 4 cards per row).

you can draw something that remind you the position number in the deck.
You can use five different color.
This is a very useful mnemonic technique to remind you the numbers of each card.
You can test your knowledge and make a little test.
Do differents Tests:
1- Card-Number
2- Number-Card
3- Split (half or quarters)
Watch a presentation of the deck.
Choose from Preferences your presentation time interval.
You can see the cards and numbers or the cards with the draws and the numbers
Listening a voice that play the names of the cards and the position
Set Notifications that will remind you that is your mnemonic practise time.

Read and watch about others magic deck that inspire this one
-Normal deck.
-Eight Kings.
-Si Stebbins.
-Nikola (include the number-card relationship for the mnemonica technique)
-Make your personal custom stacks
-Train "4 of a Kind"
-Presentation & Voice
-Added Preference: Theme Day/Night
-Added Preference: View in Portrait/Landscape

This is one of the most powerful deck that you can use in your daily magic sessions.
Just a plain deck that allow you do REAL Magic.

The mnemonica-stacked deck does not explain any magic trick.
It is a program to learn and train the "Mnemonica- Stacked Deck"
You can turn any deck into a powerful tool and perform very strooong Magic!
The mnemonica-stacked deck needs permissions to save image files
created from the drawings made in the cards.

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