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Die drei ??? Kids - Kampf um den Pokal

퍼블리셔: USM
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앱 설명

- German language only –
A big soccer festival is about to take place in Rocky Beach; however, some strange things happen while the event is being prepared. First, the festival decoration is damaged, and not much later the three investigators are locked up in Porter’s warehouse. Jupiter, Peter, and Bob soon know for sure: there is something fishy going on here!
Join the three investigators and search for the saboteur! Investigate on the soccer field, in the harbor, and in the ice-cream parlor. Supervise Peter’s goal scoring rehearsal; create the best combination of ice-creams; rescue the team from a wasp attack, and score points at the can throwing booth on the festival ground.
United as a team, you’ll be able to save the tournament from being canceled!
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