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Princess Castle Adventures

퍼블리셔: TNN Game
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: Free

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앱 설명

Hello, boys and girls! It's a nice and happy day, in the charming castle, what is the princess and prince life? You must want to spend one day in the castle and imagine yourself as a princess, right? Let's do it!
Have you seen so many beautiful and gorgeous dresses in princess wardrobe? Each of them looks so beautiful, select one and dress up the princess, she looks so pretty!
Need a crown? Choose one, Oops! the diamonds are dropping, take them and put them into the right place, can you make it right? You will do that better.
Princess looks not very happy today, why? Oh, because her hair got a messy, do you want to put her hair up? She needs a noble hairstyle, do that as step one by one, then make the bangs curly, she will be more kingly.
Where is prince? He looks dispirited, you have to take care of him and make him better soon. To be a doctor now.
In the mall, have you seen the music instruments? But the guitar and drum set are broke, let's help to fix them. La,la,la^^^, that's ok now.
I just see a cute fox on the garden, but he looks so cold, take care of him now, thank you!
A happy and busy day today, have you done that best?
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