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앱 설명

The whole 3sat variety in one app
• Television live and on demand
• Find videos - by programs and categories
• Dive into the 3sat themes
• Save videos on the watch list
• Missed broadcasts and the TV program of tomorrow
• Play all content on your TV via Chromecast
TV live and on demand
Watch 3sat live at each location and discover new program highlights every day on our homepage. The new 3sat app: on demand videos whenever you want.
Shipments and categories
Let yourself be inspired by the 3sat categories culture, knowledge, society, film, documentary and cabaret or browse through the offer of your favorite program - such as: Kulturzeit, macro, nano or scobel - according to current videos.
3sat topics
Immerse yourself in the 3sat theme worlds. Here you will find all the videos on a topic bundled.
My watch list
Save videos in the watchlist and watch them conveniently later.
Broadcast missed & program
Did you miss a shipment or would you like to be informed about future shipments? In the program you will find a large selection of videos and the complete program overview.
• The 3sat app is free and ad-free.
• For legal reasons, some programs and live TV in the 3sat app can only be accessed online in German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) as video (geo-blocking).
• For use outside of a WLAN, a flatrate makes sense, otherwise high connection costs may be incurred.
• For individual solutions regarding the device configuration (rooting), unfortunately, no smooth use of the app can be guaranteed. Only standard market standards are supported.
• Optimized for Android 6.0 and above
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55100 Mainz

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