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Extreme Bus Hill Driving 2017

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앱 설명

Bus Driving Simulator 3D is the 2017's latest simulation game that will allow you to play as a
real big Bus Driver! like driving a real bus! It's time to drive various buses in the city Bus Simulator 2017.
City Tourists Bus Driver 3D is a Big coach driving and Tourist transporter guide simulation game in a single package! It gives the player a chance to perform driving and transportation duty of tourists. Enjoy realistic big bus driving controls and drive on adventure off-road and City tracks to transport tourists to various tourism spots on the hill station. Download and play one of the fantastic City transportation tour free game.
It’s time to drive Party Bus and take the tourist on adventurous trip in this Bus driving game. This Bus Rush game contains amazing graphics and realistic Bus Simulation gameplay which will advance your coach driver experience. This Public Transport game brings you 16 most crazy Party Bus Parking levels. Being an agent of Tourism Department your duty is to Guide the Tourists, Take them from one place to another and show them amazing places Greenland, Waterfall, and much more in this bus driver game. Take your Public transport Bus over Hills, Mountains, and on dangerous exorbitant paths. This is quite the challenge in this driving game. So fasten your seat belt and ready to drive into this epic and addictive bus parking Third Person Control game.
In Extreme Bus Hill Driving 2017 the beginning levels are Simple and Easy where you learn how to Park this grand Party Bus. In this Bus Driver game, you are given the duty of Pick and Drop responsibility of Passengers to their desired destination in limited time. As a Transport Bus simulator, you have to drive these grand coach buses through dangerous off roads tracks From one city to another. Find the right vehicle for you and unlock 2 modern models in this Off road Tourist Bus simulation game.
Act as a Bus Driver, pick up the passenger and drive through the dangerous and challenging roads and drop the passenger safely at the destination. All the great animations and the driving thrill make this Extreme Tourist Snow Bus Simulator as one of the best bus driving games 2017.

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