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Raft Ocean Survival

퍼블리셔: Clans
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: Free

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앱 설명

Raft Survival in ocean, crafting and survival story based game where you lost in vast of sea waters. No Sign of modern civilization or any shelter, only salty water, raft, sharks and whales to kill you at any moment in raft games and in raft war. If you like survival game then this game is best of you. You have to fight for your life on small raft, fight with deathly white shark, hungry shark, killer whale and sperm whale, finding food is not easy in open sea. Your only weapon of choice is bow arrow and hook which you craft from available wood. Now you have to reach to other side of vast sea to rejoin your people. It is an amazing experience of water traveling.
In Raft Survival 2017, story begins as you start your game to play, you were traveling with your friend and suddenly angry whale attacks your on boat and turn it upside down. Soon other whales and sharks join with this blue whale and took your friends away and eat them alive somehow you managed to escape from this horror and found woods flooding on sea, you craft a raft, bow and arrow from them. Now you start your dangerous journey on poor little raft and your fight start with these sea monsters. You have to shoot arrow if fishes are away, hook them and then rip them apart with your hook if they managed to reach your raft. You will found an island along the way where a girl got stuck due to these crazy sharks and whales attacks. Now you have to save her too while making sure your own survival from these monsters which is not easy, you will die sooner or later. You have to fight on raft and undersea for your survival, undersea fights will be amazing experience for you. You have to save girl and reach to the other side of the sea. Shark attacks survival games are fun to play with survival craft.
Raft Ocean Survival features
• Surviving on Raft in deep ocean
• Angry blue sharks and whales to fight with
• Amazing experience of open sea water traveling
• Easy and amazing archer system for shooting arrows
• Open Sea to explore around and found new things
• Deep level story coverage with cut scenes to enjoy
Is not sound like the game you want to play now, then Download and enjoy Raft Ocean Survival 2017. We have put real experience of your survival instinct so play it your own way in raft survival games and in survival craft.

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