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Hoverboard Power Hero Rangers

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가격: Free

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앱 설명

Get into your own hands a power hoverboard and become a strange hero. Join the Rangers Club, explore a huge city, complete assignments, save the city from crime and alien threats. You are waiting for incredible battles, beautiful views, secrets and exciting stories. Can you justify the trust and use the hoverboard in full? We'll see in the game!
Excellent 3D graphics will allow you to view buildings, streets, skies and roads in every detail, as well as appreciate the beauty of the design of the hero, the Rangers and your power suit. Do not forget to study the structure of your strange alien enemies and look for their weak spots - this knowledge will be very useful to you in battles. Simple control will provide comfort in movement, so that you can do whatever you want on the hoverboard. Use the surrounding space for your own purposes: thanks to advanced physics, you can use trampolines, prepare traps and even punch thin walls. Energetic music will not let you get bored and make the whole adventure with the Rangers an unforgettable one.
To become a power hero of a hoverboard, you will have to overcome many challenges. Prepare to explore the city in order to know the short ways, the features of the areas and the location of the trampolines. Visit special shops and buy new modules for your strange costume, so as not to lag behind your enemies. Perform various tasks for Rangers: reconnaissance, sweep, battle, chase, race and so on. If you have money left, you can use special cosmetic improvements to express yourself and create a unique image of a power hero.
The game is completely free, so everyone can right now stand on a strange hoverboard and go make stunning tricks. Do not force the other members of the Rangers club to wait and go on your first task! Show miracles of speed and dexterity, learn the features of your power suit and save the city from destruction. Good luck on the trampolines, strange hero!

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