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Shark Sniper - Underwater Spear Fishing Hunter 2017

퍼블리셔: Gamerz Studio
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: Free

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앱 설명

Experience shark hunting like never before. Be the angry shark hunter and jump right into the action with unlimited underwater hunting thrill. Spear fishing is no child’s play you will have to have your cross bows or shark sniping gear ready for underwater hunter thrill. You’re not out there on the shark fishing point to take notes, you are out there only to be the best shark hunter.
Underwater Shark Hunter 2017 puts shark hunter in the ultimate underwater hunting environment, where bravery and underwater spearfishing intuition will be tested each step of the way of your shark fishing. You can either be a shark sniper by aiming your sniper hunter gear from the shark raft or go for an underwater hunter experience as a scuba diver. Defend yourself and hunt underwater shark with a range of high powered shark hunting and fish hunter gear, from spear, fishing hook, pistols to underwater assault rifles and sniper guns.
Turn your underwater shark sniper hunter dream into reality in this killer shark fish hunter game. Wage a battle against the angry shark attack and upgrade your spear fishing and shark sniper hunter game. Underwater Shark Hunter 2017 is designed especially for shark hunting and underwater survival games lover. Either stay on your shark raft and wait for the killer shark simulator to come near the surface or jump in the sea as the scuba diver and experience the thrill of shooting & hunting down angry shark simulator. You have played many deer hunting and big game hunting games, so we think you are apt for the underwater spearfishing task. Get ready to put those hunting skills into some bigger and better than ever shark hunting or shark fishing experience.
Experience the epitome of spear fishing and sniper in this underwater hunting games just do not let vicious blood thirsty angry shark get closer to you by using your experience as a trained sniper shooter. Target the sharks and kill the whales too one by one proceeding to the ultimate spearfishing challenge. Go deep in the water for some underwater hunting experience or stay on your raft for better attacking tactics. Target… aim and hunt either through your spear or by assault rifle.

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