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앱 설명

SMARTTV.COM allows you to watch networks live or video on demand on every device everywhere in the world.
-There are no territorial restrictions, and you can watch on every device you own.
-The low cost of being smart
-Your low monthly cost to watch all networks is only $4.99 per month.
SMART DEVICES – Exclusive access everywhere in the world
SMARTTV.COM devices include:
• Android phones
• Android tablets
• Boxee
• Mac computers
• iPad
• iPhone
• PCs
• And much more!
SMART NETWORKS – Explore your passions
Cars.TV – This adrenaline-pumping network showcases the collectors, designers, innovators, and the ultimate car enthusiasts!
Comedy.TV – A television network dedicated to today’s funniest comedians, featuring a mix of live concert performances, talk and variety shows, sitcoms, and movies.
ES.TV – A television network dedicated to entertainment news, variety shows, celebrity profiles and today’s hottest superstars.
MyDestination.TV – A television network dedicated to the best in travel featuring fun, exciting, exotic must-see destinations around the world.
Pets.TV – A television network dedicated to pet lovers everywhere. Pets.TV celebrates the pets we love and the people who love them. pet news, pet care, pet health and pet lifestyles!
Recipe.TV – A television network dedicated to famous chefs, amazing recipes, wonderful food and delicious cuisine from around the world.
JusticeCentral.TV – A legal and news cable channel that features court proceedings, talk, and entertainment.
ComicsUnleashed.TV – Is a comedy talk show where the laughs never stop.

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