Cooking Craze - A Fast & Fun Restaurant Game

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Become a master chef and travel around the world in Cooking Craze – the new fever in time management games! With just a TAP of your finger, you can prep, cook, and serve a variety of tasty foods to unique customers, plus win achievements by completing combos, cooking perfect meals & earning big tips. The fun spans the globe as you cook burgers and steaks in New York, jet set to Paris and cook in fancy bakeries, and so much more! Upgrade your kitchen equipment and food to be the best in the business. Don’t forget – service counts! Earn golden comment cards to unlock more exciting levels and keep up with the Cooking Craze! With daily quests, powerful boosts, and challenging achievements to earn, it’s always a busy day in the kitchen! Play anywhere, anytime, no internet needed after the initial install.
Cooking fast is fun! Download today and join the Cooking Craze!
Instagram: @cookingcrazegame
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