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Archery Target Shooting Sim

퍼블리셔: 9D Technologies
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 1.99 USD

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앱 설명

Would you like to archery and become a real archery shooting master? Enter the oriental realm try bow and arrow target shooting with popular Olympic sport of archer. If you like shooting, target and bow gun games; you could be a better archery shooter with this amazing game. Start Archery Target Shooting Sim equipped with bow and arrow, train yourself well and test your skills in archery club. Drag your bow and pull the arrow to aim at target board. Overcome the trembling of heart and blow of the wind; aim on target like eagle eyes and release the arrow to give a best shot in one of the most competitiveSuper Archery 3D Bow Master games.
Focus on goal and master all location to be the best with most modern sport game is Olympics. The time killer archery game has different three addictive modes; like easy, medium and hard. Every mode has brought over 35 breathtaking levels with different environments, moveable target boards, wind effects and multiple arrows in each level. Hard mode levels as well as incremental difficulties so brush up your skills in easy mode to easily complete medium and hard mode levels.
Your main role is in Archery Bow Arrow Master game to shoot arrows at the signboard and be the good archer man to hit the center point of target and get extra scores. With your bow man skills complete intense challenges with equal efficiency and earn rewarded coin points to upgrade your bow for the edge over others. So be an archery master, pick your bow and arrows, hold your breath, keep your nerve, aim your target and shoot the arrow and hit the bull eye.
Play this upper-class archery game and enjoy its fantastic endless fun missions. Start now, Aim and Shoot to test precision remarkable skills to moving arrows and exploding the target boards or targets. it archery king game realistic shooting screen, multiple archery location, intuitive control, inescapable addiction, variety of maps and targets, moving targets and amazing cutting edge graphics, animations will make this one of the best unique archery game. It is so realistic; you will inspire of this classic game and feels yourself actually in the sports games.
Popular Olympic sport of archery shooting
Everyone can play. Just aim and shoot.
World Best bow and Arrow Archery Simulation game
Multiple archery shooting locations: Forest, Archery Field, City etc.
Polished animation and realistic 3D Enhance graphics and Beautiful Environment
Varity of archery equipment to make you to be archery master
Great sound, visual and haptic touch effects to complement the real archery feel
Time Attack mode for a quick fun game
Lots of addictive & competitive levels
The inescapable addiction!! The realistic shooting screen!! The simple controls!!

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