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앱 설명

Cyboid is a high-speed 3D first person shooter game designed and optimized for Fire Devices!
A highly optimized game engine offers fast action, great graphics and smooth gameplay, even on older devices.
There are several types of game (eg. one life, cooperative, and survivor), difficulty levels, and many options and settings for dozens of game combinations.
Cyboid includes single player, split-screen for two players and network multiplayer real-time game modes for up to eight!
The split-screen allows you to "cast" Cyboid on your TV and play with (or against!) a friend!
Cyboid has no ads!
Download and start playing Cyboid immediately! No waiting for huge multi-megabyte extension files after installation!
Cyboid also supports Amazon Game Circle Achievements and Leaderboards.
Cyboid is compatible with game controllers (eg Amazon, Microsoft, Nyko, Razer, Tronsmart and Xiaomi), keyboards (eg Anker) and touch devices.
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese localizations.
Supports in-app purchases for additional items, monsters, levels, and weapons.
This app was not created or endorsed by Amazon.

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