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cooking games some food girls games

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앱 설명

Do some savings and raise money to upgrade your cooking tools so that you can prepare delicious food and also buy new restaurants for more customers and more coins.
Be the best chef in the world on follow cooking games some food girls games and please your hungry for food clients in this restaurant serving game cooking. Enjoy your restaurant by cooking delicious food for your customers and get them all that you get big money for, best cooking accesories and skills.
You will have at your disposal a battery of machines as varied as varied, such as coffee makers, rice cookers, pizza ovens or machines in the kitchen games more good food. Decorate your restaurants to attract customers, and be onion with them by offering them cookies or cupcakes ... to ensure an unforgettable culinary experience
You own a catering stand and your job is to cook fast food for your customers. They will look at how perfect you are the food is and if you serve it in the time available!
In the first level, you can cook hamburgers, hot dogs, eggs to the plate and serve the juice! Of course, you can upgrade your plate, juice maker, pan and other kitchen utensils from the beginning.
In Restaurant Cooking Management, you have dozens of different dishes, desserts, appetizers, fast food and many more meals that make this restaurant game perfect cuisine. So take command of the kitchen and demonstrate the skills of a master cook, all you have to do is collect all the ingredients, cook food in the kitchen and satisfy the appetite of your hungry customers and Make them happy. This is an addictive kitchen time management game cooking

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