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Pizza Delivery Moto Bike Rider

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앱 설명

Play your role as a Pizza Delivery Rider Boy on pizza delivery moto bike, your goal is to deliver oven fresh hot pizza to the customers as fast as your can while riding your pizza delivery motorbike carrying pizzas in pizza delivery carrier box mounted at the back of your pizza delivery moto bike.
As a pizza delivery boy, you have been named as the best pizza delivery moto bike rider for 2017, this pizza delivery moto bike rider boy 3D simulator is the latest addition in pizza delivery games, This pizza delivery boy on motorbike rider is specially designed for the people who like role-playing games. Get your pizza delivery bike ready and standby for instant pizza order delivery from the city pizzeria pizza shop, deliver the best hot n tasty cheesy, spicy Sicilian, fajita, chicken or beef or veggie pizzas as ordered by the customers from all around the city, deliver the oven hot pizzas from pizzeria Italian within the given time to the customers.
In pizza delivery moto bike boy rider, perform stunts and jumps while on the way to deliver the pizzas, hey pizza delivery boy, be careful with your pizza delivery moto bike as some city roads are bumpy, jumpy and treacherous. Deliver hot Italian pizza pizzeria on time for handsome bonuses by the pizza-ordering customers.
Lots of pizza restaurants are using pizza delivery services in town on various vehicles like pizza delivery vans, pizza delivery drones, some pizza restaurants are delivering pizza through modern and sports motor bikes and through boys and girls as bike riders, some pizzeria delivering pizza on scooters, bicycles, tricycles being used to deliver good and tasty pizzas with dash n bolt service.
This pizza deliver moto bike rider is not an stunt performing or jumping game where you can ride your ATV or Quad bikes or trail sports beach bikes, no more stunt bike ride or jaw dropping jumps from ramps or hurdles to clear. Cross city traffic and lights with top speed on your bike and deliver small and large tasty pizzas to customer.
Pizza delivery moto bike rider boy have to go around the city for pizza delivery service to the customers, as a pizzeria deliver boy on moto bike, your goal is to drive the pizza moto bike and deliver pizzas to the clients, once you reach the pizza ordered customer, get off from your pizza delivery moto bike and open the hot oven carrier pizza box, take out the ordered pizza and walk towards the customer location and deliver the oven fresh hot pizzas to the customers, be careful not to overload your pizza deliver bike as it’ll tilt and all pizza will slip out of the boxes. Deliver hot Italian pizza package to earn good tip from client.
You must have played a lot of delivery games like animals, cargos, some police, racer pizza motorbike extreme delivery and simulation games while performing jumps and stunts over the pizza hotels and restaurants rooftops and ramps,, now is your chance as a pizza delivery moto bike rider, you have to dare and you’re your pizza delivery bike against the real and extreme city traffic.
Pizza delivery moto bike rider boy in city pizza delivery offers you to ride awesome heavy or trail pizza delivery bikes in extreme traffic jam city streets. Take the maximum orders for pizza deliver for delicious Italian pizzeria in town, ride your pizza delivery cargo box carrier as an owner of the best fast food and pizza chain in town. As a pizza delivery moto bike rider delivery all fast food items burgers, fries, pizza, sandwich and all food and pizza items.
Take your pizza delivery moto rider’s riding skills to the new extremes! Enjoy the ride of PIZZA DELIVERY MOTO BIKE RIDER 3D simulator.

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