GAKKEN Hiragana and Katakana

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앱 설명

You can select "Hiragana" or "Katakana". (Each part can be prepared free of charge)
【Learn in easy-to-learn, easy-to-remember order】
Using the know-how of teaching HIRAGANA and KATAKANA of "GAKKEN' s Preschool Workbooks Series", We will arrange for children to recognize easily and make it easy to imitate them.
You can also select favorite characters from Hiragana letter's table or Katakana letter's table.
【Check anytime! Stroke order animation】
On each practice screen, you can check anytime the stroke order.
【How is your hiragana/katakana? Character judgment system】
It has a function to judge shape and stroke order of your character.
If you write correctly, you get praise in Japanese.
There are also advice sounds in Japanese, such as mean "Be careful of the stroke order. "or "Write a little bigger."
【It's OK even for the first time! Three levels of practice】
"Easy" ... Character for tracing is visible.
"Normal" ... There is a light gray line in the beginning of writing character.
"Difficult" ... Only white box with crossed guide lines. Write by yourself.
【Let's collect "ganbari-seal" stickers】
After completing the three levels of each character, you can get a "ganbari-seal".
"Hiragana" included in this app is the same content as the old app ; GAKKEN HIRAGANA.
If you have an old app installed on your device, updating it makes it a new app.
The record of the study is also kept.
Purchased the old app (GAKKEN HIRAGANA) and have REMOVED the old app from your device now ; uninstalled.
DO NOT CHARGE within this new app,SEND us an E-MAIL ;
On the system, the charge record for the old app can not be transferred to the new app.
We will propose a good way for you.
● When using "Children's profile" on Fire tablet
● If using Fire Tablet Kids Model
Both are inaccessible to in-app billing information.
Therefore, even if you allow the use of content, the app will not be unlocked.
In-app purchase part is not available. (Available on charged devices)

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