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Slime Super Hero : LOL

퍼블리셔: Top Tap Games
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 0.99 USD

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앱 설명

The Scientific research now comes to realty with this brand new slime superhero game. Mafia's grab the whole city and you as a super slime hero on a mission to save the city from gangsters & criminals.
This brand new free to play superhero game are ready to rock! Are you up for this amazing challenge?
Super battle between super slime hero and city mafia take a new twist with awesome attacking animations! Let’s be a part of this action packed city battle and defeat mafia’s and gangsters with your amazing slime superhero GOD gifted powers. Numbers of attack to use with every single level up; and the powers continuously increase as you proceed within games!
There are following attacks to use within game:
Freezing Attack:
Use freezing attack to freeze your rivals & kill them instantly!
Crack Attack:
This special attack use to crack the land & destroy all enemies near you within second!
Slime Ball Attack:
You as a super hero have to through slimes balls on city gangster to kill them all.
Clone Attack:
Clone Attack are specially designed to kill all gangster with special cloning powers!
The are numbers of other attacking powers for you to kill all your foes & save your city from mafia's gangs.
City Mafia's challenge you to fight with them and save your city! Existence of mafia gangs is a cause of fear for your peoples. Now it’s time to end their crimes and clear your city. Different levels requires you to complete different missions. Its interesting missions will make it an addictive one. Slime Super Hero: LOL is a mixture of Action, RPG, Arcade & adventure.

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