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Slay Away Slasher Game | Horror Escape

퍼블리셔: Amazing 3D Games
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 22.99 USD

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앱 설명

Imagine, you’re in a summer camp. Your camp counselor’s house is next to yours. This man is creepy, you think and try to beware him. But one day…
Something is really wrong with your camp counselor and his house! It might seem quiet and nice, but some day you accidentally see some strange shadows through the window… You must find out the truth about this evil person in Slay Away Slasher Game | Horror Escape!
Get into this scary cube house passing through the high fence and back door! Oh, you thought that there was nobody at home? Alas, your cube camp counselor is slowly walking down the rooms, and you have no choice except hiding! Conduct a search of every room to find the keys and solve this wild and horrifying mystery! You think this man is a criminal and it’s your civic duty!
Be attentive and careful – there are lots of hidden evil cube monsters in this house and they are waiting for you! Do everything possible to survive, find the truth and escape successfully! Every room provides you various places to hide, so do your best and avoid your meeting with the brutal camp counselor – he can say you “hello” and kill you and you will be a dead body! Find yourself in a real terrific adventure with Slay Away Slasher Game | Horror Escape and send you counselor to hell!
Oh, you’ve got the map! It will help you to see your camp counselor’s moves! So, this hide and seek game has just begun…
Hide from his hatred, find the keys from mysterious rooms and reveal his main secret in Slay Away Slasher Game | Horror Escape!

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