Police Car Driving Training

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앱 설명

Drive the open roads in of 6 police cars (SUV, Race, 4x4) in a huge countryside mountain environment : miles of wide open of roads in the latest driving simulator game!
Race and complete a wide variety of missions to achieve highest cop rank.
!! Police Car Driving Training contains 20 exciting levels !!
Head over to the garage and have your choice between police city cars, offroad 4x4 cars, and speed racer cars.
Open world exploration, play level anytime: drive around the map and find one of the 20 mission markers to start at anytime.
Use the helpful mini map to know mission locations and making your way around the huge open world.
Game play environment is fun to explore and find many points of interest along the way.
Visit points of interest like: farms lands, secluded towns, gas stations, factories, wind farms, lakes, military base, observatory, and more...
Road system also vary with wide open motorways to small country roads to hill climb offroad dirt tracks to go wild on.
Example of missions:
- Rescue the car crash victims
- Pursue and stop criminal cars for speeding
- Follow and train to keep up with police copter
- Escort the president limo to secret locations
- Stop and catch all the gangsters with your SUV
- Evade dangerous drivers in highway chase
- Collect stars in stunt car driving
- Finish the race course against street racers
Adjust the quality at anytime and to the way you want to play without lag.

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