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dream Player TV for FritzBox

퍼블리셔: Christian Fees
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: Free

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앱 설명

Watch Live TV in HD on your Fire TV from your FritzBox Cable 6430/6490/6590/6591/DVB-C
- Playback of SD and HD channels
- Playback of radio stations
- Timeshift
- Channel logos
- Zap-mode
- Subtitles
- Aspect ration
- FritzBox Cable 6430/6490/6590 or FritzRepeater DVB-C
- You need to setup DVB-C installation in your FritzBox webinterface first
- If your FritzBox is branded by your cable provider, the DVB-C option might be disabled. In this case, you cannot use this app
- Fire TV 1 (Works fine)
- Fire TV Stick (Works fine if WiFi signal is good)
- Fire TV Stick 2 with Alexa (Works fine if WiFi signal is good)
- Fire TV 4K (Works fine, better with a wired network connection) [recommended]
- Fire TV 4K with Alexa (10/2017) (Works fine) [recommended]
Important note:
- This app is not made by AVM. It is an alternative to the AVM app FRITZ!App TV by AVM.
- This version is restricted to 3 channels per bouquet. If you buy the premium version using inapp purchase, you can stream every channel.

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